Nights in Küstenja

“Winged time glides on insensibly . . .”


i want a salt water farm
with a view of mountains
hearty animals one good dog
lots of cats in the barn scruffy
children with hearts of gold
to help me grow old
in the second verse
i’ll discover a pot full of
old money i’ll share with my neighbors
we’ll have a thanksgiving
to make the Pilgrim Club’s look
like soda and a sandwich and Sanka
in foam cups
the end of the song
i’ll have grandchildren in Boston
and there will be holes in
my sweaters where the apples
i keep for my horses have
worn through the rough wool
cut from my own fat sheep
knit by my wife
who will bury me quietly
on my hundredth birthday
then die of a broken heart
later that night
—Jim Merrow