The Atlantic Puzzler


The diagram is divided into quadrants. Words from symmetrically matching locations in these quadrants are clued together. But each group of clues has been given a spin, leaving numbers and clues randomly matched. Solvers will have to determine where answers really belong. There are four proper nouns, and a variant spelling at the clue labeled 30A. Punctuation may be used deceptively.

The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 124.

1A. In Paris, very catching notice of sale bargains (6)

36A. Guarantee as “excellent” runs out by the end of June (6)

9D. Plate containing one pastry (6) 20D. Pervert sat around entertaining Caesar in retirement (6)

5A. Sign small volume, entering character’s name (12)

35A. Something to play on before summer? The hollow, fallen tree (12) (hyphenated)

1D. Policing Reno, catch men trespassing (12)

8D. Manifest evildoer—heartless sea dog dressed in black (12)

10A. Southeast Asian bond announced(4)

34A. Married in trendy ceremony (4)

16D. A tiny portion of Thanksgiving dinner’s main course? (4)

21D. Composition of soup, crackers (4)

12A. Someone expounding alternative to a corrupt king (6)

33A. Kind of hunter that’s more cunning? (6)

2D. Channel cut around 180° turn (6)

27D. A peculiar Maine affliction (6)

13A. Service a large number (4)

32A. Middle Eastern country has beheaded lady (4)

7D. Enticement for one joining club (4)

29D. Dry the back of infant’s body (4)

14A. Time out. for some news (4)

31A. Treaty involving two small Eastern states (4)

10D. Stands in mountain fog (4)

26D. Fell knight when turned around (4)

17A. Measure short pony (4)

30A. Big lunch includes frozen creation (4)

15D. Hint about right solution (4)

22D. Link explosive with oven (4)

18A. My salary is stated for press (4)

28A. Name given a smear (4)

3D. Fall off building (4)

32D. Drunkards plea for help (about time) (4)

19A. Wild Australian celebration (10)

24A. Policeman at civil disorder catches mob’s leader with associate (10)

6D. Mark R. Emery—revolutionary party member? (10)

11D. Precise gold watch in original condition (10)

20A. Take place of writer after fellow misses debut (6)

23A. Tranquilizer I swallowed after work (6)

4D. Solid bed turning in thin air (6)

25D. African city imports $100 jackets(6)

Note: The instructions above are the special instructions for this month’s puzzle. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, write to The Atlantic Reprint Department, enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Answers to the March Puzzler, “DEBARMENT”

Parts of eleven answers were alcoholic beverages; these were prohibited from entry in the diagram.

Across. 1. PROHIBITION 10. LOWERED (double def.) 11. ANSA-E (anag. + e) 12. YEL-LING (lye anag.) 14. TH(e)US 17. UNREST (anag.) 18. (l)EARNERS 19. PUREE (anag. minus o) 20. PYKNI-C (anag. + c) 22. HARUM-SCARUM (anag.) 23. GLARE (anag.) 25. ANT(L)E-R 27. SA(P)ID 29. Fi(G) LE-AF 33. T-RIVET 36. ORLE (hidden) 37. SAUCIER (anag.) 38. RENTS (double def.) 39. U-NEATEN 40. TEETOTALING Down. 1. PROSELYTE (anag.) 2. ROES (homophone) 3. MEAD-OWL-ARK (made anag.) 4. HE(LE>N 5. BEG-INNER 6. TAIRIN 7. INTRUST (anag.) 8. N(A-USE>A 9. YESTERYEA-R (anag. + r) 13. GUSH (anag.) 15. HAS-TIER 16. WE(i)RD (drew rev.) 19. PAN-GS 20. PASTIORALJES 21. NAIVETE (anag.) 23. GAR-RET 24. EFTS (anag. minus or) 26. LEG-IT-I-MATE 28. PILLAGER (anag.) 30. IMP-ORTANT (art not anag.) 31. LO-CAL (double def.) 32. FOR-SA-KING (as rev.) 34. (I)EAST 35. KEEN (double def.)