1981 the International Travel Planner

Festivals: The word for today’s traveler

Festivals add bursts of pleasure to a traveler’s itinerary. In small, backwater villages or great metropolises, in castles or cathedrals, with the sound of cheerful brass bands, Bach, or avant-garde jazz, the mood of a festival is always one of heightened enjoyment, relaxation, and a friendly internationalism.

Man seems always to have celebrated. At first, he expressed his joy at the mysteries of the changing seasons, the bounty of a harvest, or a fishing catch. Later, he commemorated his victories. In recent years, festivals have grown up around the birthplace of a genius (Mozart in Salzburg, Wagner in Bayreuth), or around a galaxy of talent that gathers in a single place for a short time to create programs of beautiful music and drama.

Whatever their source, festivals have become important to travelers. Our International Travel Planner has selected from among the world’s major festivals, holidays, and celebrations those that will add rich rewards to your trips.

We have included a tear-out card at page T2l to help you find the information you need free of charge. Just tear it out and return it to us. You’ll receive a generous assortment of information to help you plan your trip.

Besides its wondrous sights, the world offers to the traveler a multitude of celebrations and special events, which are invariably the most memorable moments of any trip. We hope our Internationa] Travel Planner will lead you to them.