The Atlantic Puzzler


Many things are denied solvers of this puzzle: indications of answer lengths, bars and numbers in the grid, even the assistance of a symmetrical pattern in the diagram. All that remains is a listing of Across and Down clues in their proper order. But in a spirit of generosity, we have boxed one gift in each Across row of the diagram to help solvers check their entries. Answers include six proper words, one a brand name; 20A is uncommon. Punctuation may be used deceptively.


1. Give handiwork of elves?

2. Face lifted, crossed with wrinkles

3. Guys notice being around a frenzied woman

4.Go too far with paramour, losing head at party

5. A creme centrally, sandwiched by two circles!

6. A bit of emollient in gunshot wound increases one’s endurance

7. Retreat halfway to hollow

8. Source of milk, a beverage

9. Walking encyclopedia comprehends American playwright

10. Pitching sailor on sound

11. Stately old ship with lion’s head at the prow

12. Chamber of teen star’s heart collapsed

13. Round included among peasant’s songs

14. Report of the Duke’s decline

15. Back raised on mother cat

16. Inhibit weight-watcher, not myself

17. Waifs playing on harps

18. Satisfied youthful FBI agent?

19. Pass or show flush

20. Opportunity returns for you to see “Jungle Fever”

21. Bone can keep breaking

22. Pure rocky land

23. Listened without aspiration, having bad hearing aid

24. University admitting queen’s excellence


1. Damage in a mooring area

2. Look for match

3. A knob’s terminal

4. Scold class

5. Beat egg in regular way

6. Disarm cattle herd on rampages

7. Trojan foe get up horse concealing about 101

8. Fare’s above prudent amount

9. Portable port

10. Aware of Chinese soup’s contents

11. Gang sounded cocky?

12. Punches on the head taken twice by larger, rougher combatant

13. Spar with flourish

14. Back up member of combo after lead

15. Prepared to drive from mount whose top’s blown off

16. Carbon monoxide, or an unnatural part of atmosphere

17. Light gold carriage

18. Test for last trace of mercury in fish

19. Secure English philosopher

20. Run away from East European uprising

21. Get smaller measurer?

22. Disheartened, sprayed and weeded the garden

23. Forbidding filth, for the most part

Note: The instructions above are the special instructions for this month’s puzzle. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, write to The Atlantic Reprint Department, enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

The solution to last month's Puzzler appears on page 98.

Answers to the November Puzzler, “THE DJINTECS”

Initials following each answer indicate which family member contributed the clue.

Across. 1. CLAN (hidden rev.) F 6. NA(D)IR (anag. + d) D:zenith 11. T(OG)ETHER (go rev.) D:apart 12. ARTICLE (anag.) F 13. UNREAL(I)STIC (anag. + i)M:realistic 14. FIRE (double def.) M:hire 17. CA(PTI)VE (pit anag.) M:captor 18. TO-BIAS S 19. DEFENSIVE (anag.) M:offensive 21. RETA(RD)ING (anag. + rd)S 25. HELL (hidden) D:heaven 27. REVERE (double def.) S 30. ARTS (first letters) S 31. EXT(ROVER)T (text anag.) M:introvert 32. ONTARIO (anag.) F 33. A-NNIE (nine anag.) F 34. PE(LL)ET(Pete anag.) S 35. ITER (anag.) SDown. 1. CRETAN (anag.) F 2. DISAPPROVE (anag.) D:approve 3. CREPUSCULAR (anag. + c) M:matutinal 4. MODEST-Y M:vanity 5. INDICATES (anag.) F 7. NO-VICE F 8. NIL-E S 9. ALER-T (anag. + t)F 10. SOFT (anag.) D:hard 15. PEDESTRIANS (anag.) M:motorists 16. S-A-ME Drdifferent 20. MISFORTUNE (anag.) Drfortune 22. NEARBY (anag.) D:remote 23. PENMEN (pun) F 24. LOWERED (anag.) M:raised 26. E(ERI)E (ire rev.) S 28. START (double def.) D:stop 29. OVAL (hidden) S