The Revolution Remembered

edited by John C. Dann. Chicago, $20.00. In 1832, Congress passed an act awarding pensions to all veterans of the Revolutionary War who could show proof of their service. (Previously only officers and indigents had been pensioned.) Since discharge papers had been casually issued at the time and over the years had often been lost, the act resulted in a deluge of depositions and affidavits which are still pooled in the National Archives, rarely disturbed except by ancestor hunters. Mr. Dann has gone through this material and extracted
what amounts to an oral history of the Revolution by some clear-headed and endearingly garrulous old soldiers. They threw in, alongside the necessary evidence, anecdotes, descriptions of commanders, and details of dress, food, Indian fighting, guerrilla tactics, medical treatment, and occasional barbarities by all parties. Invaluable Americana. Illustrations, index.