The Atlantic Puzzler


There are four rings: A (outermost), B, C, and D (innermost). By placing one letter in each space, solvers can make words proceeding clockwise in two of the rings, counterclockwise in the other two. Words are clued in the proper sequence for each ring, but solvers will have to determine at which space within a ring the sequence of words begins and in which direction it proceeds.The check is provided by eight-letter words 1-15, to be entered diametrically from right to left. Answers include four proper nouns; among the eight-letter words, 6 is a slightly unfamiliar form and 12 is uncommon. Punctuation may be used deceptively.

Ring A

a. Contents of circles one deciphered


b. Cathy’s sailing boat (5)

c. Circle’s sides issue from shade (6)

d. Sen. Kennedy has one speech idiosyncrasy—monotony (6)

e. Seeks aid for said victims (5)

f. Things to avoid eating when breaking fast (4)

Ring B

a. Wear roller (4)

b. French love American actress (6)

c. Disorder in one state (5)

d. Look for German weapon (6)

e. War’s ending, but with nobody coming home (7)

f. The one source of tea (4)

g. Situations in stories (4)

Ring C

a. Ape suit scatters Indians (7)

Note: The instructions above are the special instructions for this month’s puzzle. It is

assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, write to The

Atlantic Reprint Department, enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

b. Spot beast eating Mexican food from behind (8)

c. Tying and beating (6)

d. Tramp crashing parties (7)

e. Former Prime Minister crosses some Irishmen (4)

f. Banned off-key tuba (4)

Ring D

a. Embrace, having affair in apartment (5)

b. Poem on an ancient theater (5)

c. Shift nail (4)

d. Set out twice to fly (6)

e. Expresses love in immoral ways (6)

f. After the start, pure speed (5)

g. 150 have wit (5)

Eight-Letter Words

1. Cousin Al behaves strangely like a


2.Many ground up millet 3.Submits and sits behind master 4.Damaged core needs much improvement

5.Scholarly interests would have Maine turned into Canadian colony 6.Corrected a sin—this is somewhat pious

7.Piece of a plant in stream next to fallen tree

8.I’m not sure coasting is wrong 9.Revealing Swiss legend?

10.Bran sack transported to eating place (2 words)

11.What’s seen in a graveyard— shifting shape around excavation 12.Assert prisoner’s time consumed 13.Roasting lousy player 14.There’s no point keeping hut cleaned up in funny farm 15.Bit of rotund place held in by college girl wearing a girdle

The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 91.

Answers to the June Puzzler, “HEAD-HUNTING

Across. 1. S-TALKING 7. LAMA (hidden) 10. SAPLING (anag.) 11. R(OG)UE (go rev. ) 12. GLUTINO-US (anag. + U.S.) 13. FRIGATE (anag.) 15. STRAIGHTENED (anag.) 16. THE-BAN 21. R-A-GOUT 22. SCHOOLMASTER (anag.) 26. M(ANACL)E (anag. in Me.) 27. LOATHSOME (anag.) 28. GO-RED 29. I-NTROIT (anag. + i) 30. STEW (anag.) 31. S(HELL)ING Down. 1. START (double def.) 2. TAPIR (anag.) 3. ALLIGA(T)OR (anag. + t) 4. ASSUAGE (anag.) 5. IN-GESTA (stage anag.) 6. AGON (hidden) 7. GA(O)LER (anag. + O) 8. G(ARM)ENT 9. S(L)ENDER 14. CON-FUSION

16. C(HERO)OT 17. HER(BAG)E 18. A(NEM)-ONE (men rev.) 19. LUGSAIL (anag.) 20. SOOTHE (anag.) 23. LEVIS (anag.) 24. (o)GRE AT(e) 25. DASH (double def.)