The Atlantic Puzzler


The answers to this puzzle’s clues are to be entered letter by letter in the designated squares to form a thematically appropriate quotation, reading left to right. Spacing and punctuation in the quote are left for the solver to determine. As in the Double-Crostic format, numbers in the grid refer back to the corresponding clues and the consecutive first letters of the clue answers supply an additional message. Answers include one proper noun. Punctuation in the clues may be used deceptively.

1. Tranquil Nativity scene (6) (N3, J2, D3, K9, H10, M11)

2. Cheops prepared for ages (6) (K1, B13, H3, D4, M10, G2)

3. Hearing, for example, a declaration (6) (B1, A12, G5, N12, I8, L10)

4. Angels playing Emi harps (8) (J7, H9, K4, E13, D1, Bll, M7, D9)

5. 1/6 of a sheep? (5) (A11, I14, H6, N5, H12)

6. Sign for peace in Christmas book (5) (H7, Ill, K2, D5, J10)

7. Wreck moves awkwardly (8) (C15,H5, F8, K12,14, D13, L7, B4)

8. See sign fabulously betokening birth (7) (A9, B12, L5, J9, A14, F6, C8)

9. Beating unconscious in arena (7) (N14, E7, Fll, C9, J14, A2, H8)

10. Give death yelp (5) (B7, LB, M14, C2, A15)

11. Calm night (4) (K3,D14,K8,G3)

12. Gentle shepherd, e.g. (6) (M6, A13, AS, Gl, D15, G10)

13. At home, make Christian observance lazy (8) (J6, C3, K5, M4, F5, C13, 16, H4)

14. Bill taking out Viking’s center (4) (K7, Ll, Ll2, N8)

15. Traveled about for $1000 extra (6) (17, A7, L6, H15, G7, F13)

16.Wrapping present, whistle producing “White Christmas”? (7) (F4, M8, D8, B5, E2, F12,L9)

17. Peg has unusual worth (5) (ES, G12, B8, F10, Dll)

18. Hoop spun around woman’s middle with enthusiasm (5) (G4, K6, J13, B3, A4)

19. Steamy ground around most of the rock (8) (L4, A6, D12, G11, C10, N2, HI, B15)

20. Section of tree ring design (4) (19, C5, M2, N7)

21 Place and time for a type of plague (6) (J4, H14, E12, K10, L3, B10)

22. Struggle with fish (8) (D6, E4, n, F3, N6, K14, B9, G14)

23. Harsh, interminable dry spell (5) (E14, I13, N4, L2, C1)

24. Insult from football player (6) (N11, G8, J15, 15, H2, N15)

25. Sailor with sailing team (4) (C6, N1, I10, D2)

26. The subject of egomaniacs? (5) (E1, B6, G13, I12, C11)

27. Gangster’s cover (4) (L13,F2, J12, M15)

28. Patriarch’s tree (5) (A5, E3, J11, L15, F9)

29. A lake in a high place (5) (K13, F7,D7, L11, G15)

30. Plant wisteria around bend (5) (M9, E6, C14, H11, D10)

31. Confine burning outside a halfmile (5) (J5, I2, L14, E15, A3)

32. Played slowly as well as before (7) (J3, Ml, K15, N13, 13, H13, E10)

33. Standard seen before an English invader (6) (E11, G9, C4, M12, J1, F15)

34. Athlete’s cup (7) (K11, M5, B2, F1, N9, E8, C12)

35. Brush, perhaps, around gold tooth (5) (M13, E9, M3, A10, B14)

36. Turn over information for ordering part of baseball uniform (7) (N10, F14, C7, J8, Al, G6, I15)

Note: The instructions above are the special instructions for this month’s puzzle. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, write to The

Atlantic Reprint Department, enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

The Solution to last month’s PUZZler appearS 071 page 99.

Answers to the November Puzzler, “ANIMAL CRACKERS”

The fifteen clues with no definition led to names of animals. These words were to be anagrammed before entry into the diagram.

Across. 1. OW-LET 5. PICT-URES (sure anag.) 11. A-RES(t) 12. OST RICH (sot anag.) 13. PELICAN (anag.) 14. TO(P)E 15. BA’S-SET 18. SI(G)HT (anag. +g) 20. CAR(TLOA)D (a lot anag.) 21. TOROID (anag.) 23. TUN-A (rev.) 26. MOORMAN (anag.) 28. YONI (hidden) 30. SERVAL (hidden) 31. DEC(L-A)RES (anag. +I and a) 33. TRACT (hidden rev.) 35. P(ASS)ER 38. SOLE (homophone) 39. FOR-BEAR 40. (c)OVERAGE 41. B EAR 42. RED-O-LENT 43. ADDER (pun) Down. 1. T(A-PEST)RY (step anag.) 2. OR(A-T)ION 3. NE(W)T 4. LO(CAT-I)ON 5. PALS (rev.) 6. CHEERS (anag.) 7. STOAT (anag.) 8. RIO-TO-US 9. ESP-Y 10. STE-A-D (set anag.) 16. T(ARS)IER 17. PLAN-A-R 19. HO(MI)LY (I’m rev.) 22. F(ALTER)ED 24. TORTURED (anag.) 25. EN(CASE)D 27. HECTARE (anag.) 29. O-NAG-ER 31. DOLOR (anag.) 32. APPA-L (anag. +I) 34. V-OLE 36. S-OFT 37. HARE (anag.)