The Atlantic Puzzler

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon


Fifteen clues have no definition, only a subsidiary part (anagram, homophone, etc.). The answer to each of these fifteen clues is to be rearranged for entry in the diagram. The unchecked letters of the fifteen new entries can be made to spell: IT’S CRAB, LION, BEAVER, HEN. Answers include one proper noun and possibly unfamiliar words at 30A, 16D, and 34D. Punctuation may be used deceptively.


1. What people say when they’re in pain and suffer (5)

5. Scotchman has sure developed snapshots (8)

11. God’s in a sleep that’s endless (4)

12. Derelict sot seen with lush (7)

13. In place, but out of place (7)

14. Little pig has soft drink (4)

15. Bachelor’s group (6)

18. See base hits around end of inning (5)

20. Comedian keeps clowning a lot— quite a lot (8)

21. Swinging door—it creates a curved shape (6)

23.A noggin seen from behind (4)

26. A Mormon vagabond who lives on a heath (7)

28. Tokyo nightclub advertises sex symbol (4)

30. An inhabitant of Geyser Valley (6)

31. Crackpot creeds taking in fifty American states (8)

33. Land held back by President Carter (5)

35.Quarterback is through taking dope (6)

38. Sound of certain black American music (4)

39. Pro to carry refrain (7)

40. Too old for insurance plan after the first (7)

41. British faculty (4)

42. Fragrant rose and ring bestowed (8)

43. Could it be summer? (5)


1. Try keeping a drunken step from weaving (8)

2. Among some stars there’s a time for speech (7)

3. Shrew’s tail caught in trap (4)

4. Feline—one breaking into bird’s place (8)

5. With friends, see Blow Up (4)

6. Praise for Escher design (6)

7. A tot’s at play (5)

8. Raging Mexican river goes on to America (7)

9. Especially on the 4th of July, see . . .(4)

10. . . . place to set off a piece of dynamite (5)

16. Row about Roman art (7)

17. Design a runway at the start of a flat surface (6)

19. I’m uplifted during pious sermon (6)

22.Incorporating change, government agent was hesitant (8)

24. Twisted, rutted, or rocky (8)

25. Set example in terminal—shut up (7)

27. Running the race’s distance (7)

29. Circle horse with some hesitation (6)

31. Sick, old, or in distress (5)

32. Reeling, papa left in shock (5)

34. Victory cheer (4)

36. Beginning of symphony— frequently subdued (4)

37. Hera is furious (4)

Note: The instructions above are the special instructions for this month’s puzzle. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, write to The Atlantic Reprint Department, enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 93.

Answers to the October Puzzler, “TRAFFIC JAM”

Stoplights. A. SISSY (hidden) B. R(EDD[y])EST C. BRA-SS D. S-CAR-RED E. GAS-P F. CON-T-EST (set anag.) The Tour. a. S(CAR)-CITY b. YAWS (anag.) c. SUB-LIME d. EARTHLING (anag.) e. GO-R-ILL-A f. ATTIRED (hidden) g. DISTURB (anag.) h. BOU(L)EVARDS (anag. + l) i. SPRITE (anag.) j. E(L)ICITS (anag. + l) k. S(T)AMPEDED (anag. + t) 1. DETOUR (anag.) m. R-OVER n. RE(L)-IC o. C-UTTER PRODE-O’S q. ST-OUT r. TRAP (part[y] rev.) s. POSTED (anag.) t. DE(R)MA (anag. + r) u. A-RRIVE (anag. + a) v. ERO(Tl)C (it in core rev.) w. CU-RAC-A-O (a car rev.) x. OTTOMA-N (anag. + n) y. NOVE(LET)TE (to even anag.) z. ECLAT (hidden) aa. TEA URNS (anag.) bb. S(TAR)TER (rest anag.) cc. RETICULA (anag.) dd. AVES (double def.) ee. SU REST (ws rev.) ff. TSUNAMI (hidden) gg. IN-C-U-BUS hh. ST-ICKS (sick anag.) ii. S(C)ENES (anag. + c) jj. SMACKERS (double def.)