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Clue answers range in length from three letters to twelve. However, seventeen answers will not fit in the diagram until they have been . . . disguised. The numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the lights (entries in the diagram) but not necessarily the length of the answers to clues. There are ten proper nouns; 16A is not a common word. Remember that punctuation in the clues may be used deceptively.


1.Recent arrival in the vanguard of fashion: tan buckles (6)

5. Member of “Wagon Train” goes on traveling with act (5)

9.Being of mixed birth, mulatto’s origin takes longer unraveling (7)

10. Made love with a mythical woman (4)

11. Goes pop in the song, but with no lead support (5)

13.Aurelio’s holding back the boat (5)

15. The lady set out to be slept on (6)

16. Boil fishhead, then run inside (bad clue) (5)

18.Made it with a screw driver (7)

21. French painter who’s just short of vulgar(4)

22. Where fish come from—it sounds like it’s rank (3)

23. Religious men transposing suite in Bach (3)

24. Ultimately perverted crime results in hanging (5)

26.Take one third off fat, salt, oil (5)

28. Sign of royalty in India: demagoguery (6)

30. Flower intrinsic to a seer? (4)

32. Those who share terrible panic at trips (7)

35. Introduction to tone poem (off beat)(5)

36. Pearl-divers use padding against ... (6)

37.monstrous eels settling

on the bottom (4)

38. Ninety-nine crawling lice make a chilling point (6)

39. Nibbles front off crackers found in church (3)

40. Dislike winding thread (3)

41. Certain openings in pockets make small change (3)


1. Mobile duet moving with a fast pace (2 words) (3)

2. A shark—No, silly, it’s a boat (2 words) (4)

3. Aiming first and last to be heard as a writer (4)

4. They designate, time after time, uncommon sense (6)

5. Chorus leader, sonorous, seen on high (5)

6. God brooding about himself? (4)

7. “Nothing leads to nothing” in Lear (3)

8. Boils and rises audibly (5)

12.Soak the head before getting dry (4)

14. Writer abandons faithful wife to run off with lover (5)

15. Desert dweller, in his element, makes you dance (4)

17.Lab course shows metamorphosing insect (2 words) (3)

19. Mounting hill of rubbish (3)

20. Bolder and brighter, but not righter: one who raves (3)

21. A poet, with time, gets most serious (3)

23. Spanish queen crowned with pieces of jade stone (6)

24. Undeviating conduct (6)

25. “Secret Agents in Siam” (series bombed) (6)

27. Newspaper consisting of misprinted items (5)

28. Painter eager to follow where Fragonard leaves off (5)

29. Bed curtains arranged in a row (5)

30. Top to tail (poor to excellent) (4)

31. Chew eel liver—that should wake you up (4)

32. Air postage bearing no label (4)

33. Some illustrious threesome ... (4)

34.left in hack with

devotees (4)

Note: The instructions above are the special instructions for this month’s puzzle. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, write to The Atlantic Reprint Department, enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 14.

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Answers to the January Puzzler, “EIGHTSOME REELS”

1. EMPTIEST (anag.) 2. PORKPIES (pun) 3. BANK-ROLL 4. STORABLE (anag.) 5. TONSURES (hidden) 6. HARUSPEX (anag. + x) 7. S(T)ERLING 8. s(PORT)ING 9. S(TR0LL)E-R 10. (at)TIRE-LES’S 11. SERPENTS (anag.) 12. SHARPENS (anag. + pens) 13. POR-K(L)lNG 14. PLAN-TIN-G(row) 15. REMNANTS (anag. + t) 16. DEMERITS (anag.) 17. DESCENTS (double def.) 18. CENSURES (anag. in Ceres) 19. RA-IN-DROP 20. P-RAN-DIAL 21. MERIDIAN (hidden) 22. REMEDIAL (anag. + i) 23. DIAGNOSE (song rev, in idea anag.) 24. RESONATE (nose rev. in rate) 25. MAINTAIN (anag. without e) 26. MAN-DOUN(g) 27. I-DO-LATER 28. (s)LAUGHTER 29. AU(GU)RING 30. MARINATE (anag.) 31. PAINTERS (anag.) 32. SPLINTER (anag. without o) 33. P(LATIN)G’S 34. (o)F(e)IGHT(k)ING 35. FIG-URINE 36. TAMARIND (a mat rev. + rind)