The Incompleat Angler

by Robert Deindorfer. Dutton, $8.95. Mr. Deindorfer, an admirer of Izaak Walton, undertook to fish the great angler’s streams—no small project, since Walton fished for anything, with anything, anytime, anywhere, and on any water bigger than a puddle. Not content with all this, Mr. Deindorfer tried whenever possible to duplicate Walton’s technique and gear—an eighteen-foot rod with a line of braided horsehair tied to the tip. Traditional British phlegm was not equal to the sight of a mad American crawling through nettle patches with this obsolete weapon. Mr. Deindorfer had a wonderful time collecting reactions and conversations from stunned locals. He also collected fish. The account of his adventures makes a delightful book, although it may be a bit too good for any but anglers or very honest men.