I Do Not Like Thee, Dr. Seuss the Reason Why I Cant Deduce

Dear Doctor Seuss,
You insufferable goose.
Around your fat neck
We should tighten a noose.
But even that threat,
Oh, I fear, oh, I think
Would not stop your writing
Those books that do stink.
The children do think
That those books are so great,
But I think those bouncy-ball
Rhymes that I hate
Are witless and vapid
And so repetitious.
Your books all on fire
Is what my fondest wish iss.
We should pile them all up
And light a big match;
Oh, we parents would cheer,
Oh, yes! Oh, sure! Natch!
Or, better than that,
There’s a fate just for you —
What the sadist in me
Wants to force you to do:
To sit back and hear
With your own damn tin ears
All your books read aloud
For the next fifty years.
The Cat in the Hat,
We could start off with that;
We could have lots
Of good times that are fat.
“Fat?” you may ask,
What times can be “fat”?
Well, none that I know of,
But fat rhymes with hat.
You know what I mean,
Yes, you know, yes you do;
(For the sake of the rhyme,
I shall now write ker-choo!)
For the sake of the meter
Your people say things
From which anyone’s lips
Such a phrase never springs.
They repeat words and phrases
Just to fill out a line;
Yes, fill out! Oh, fill out!
Until my teeth grind.
The Cat in the Hat
And the Mouse in the House
And the Pig on the Twig
And the Grouse and the Louse
And Yertle the Turtle
And Henry the Worm
And Morsey the Horsey
And Smermy the Germ
Should all be read nonstop
To you, Doctor Seuss,
And you’ll writhe as you stew
In your own *!#&! juice.