Afghan Trucks

by Jean-Charles Blanc
Stonehill, $5.95
After a one-page introduction, this engaging paperback is devoted entirely to photographs of trucks painted to resemble flying carpets, hanging gardens, and other such unearthly delights. The roads of Afghanistan evidently roll with more than Oriental splendor.

Excerpts from the following recently published books have appeared in The Atlantic.

THE TIDDLING TENNIS THEOREM by Arthur Hoppe. Viking, $7.95.

THE TREE FARM by Robert Treuer. Little, Brown, $7.95.

THE MEMOIRS OF EARL WARREN. Doubleday, $12.95.

The following books by contributing editors of The Atlantic have just been published:

HOME FREE by Dan Wakefield. Delacorte/Seymour Lawrence, $7.95. SHATTERED PEACE: The Origins of the Cold War and the National Security State by Daniel Yergin. Houghton Mifflin, $15.00.

—Phoebe-Lou Adams