Introductory Note

Have you ever thought that at any given moment in your life people somewhere on the earth are celebrating a holiday, enjoying a festival, fair, feast, or simply dancing in the street? Our International Travel Planner for 1977 ought to convince you it’s true. The number of celebrations, festivals, special events, and attractions that punctuate daily life around the globe is staggering. And as anyone can tell you who has ever attended the Carnival in Rio or the Dublin Horse Show, or been in Paris on Bastille Day, there’s no more exciting time to visit a foreign country than during a festival or special celebration.

On the following pages you will find detailed listings of most of the major events that will occur throughout the world during the remainder of 1977. The listings, we think, contain something for everyone: film festivals, trade fairs, horse and auto shows, folkloric performances, ski competitions and tennis tournaments, regattas and fishing competitions in the Caribbean, Midnight Sun celebrations in Scandinavia, and of course music, food, drink, and more music everywhere. Dip into the listings at your leisure, then consult the person who can give you all the information you need for planning a trip or vacation —your travel agent. As travel options have multiplied in recent years, the services of a travel agent have become ever more valuable and indispensable.

Don’t miss our first annual photo contest on page T18 —the grand prize is an eight-day round trip for two to Bermuda.

And be sure to tear out the insert card between pages T24 and T25 and send it to us if you would like general information on any of the countries or islands mentioned in the following pages. You will receive a packet of materials from the relevant segments of the travel industry by return mail.

We’ve had fun putting together this year’s Travel Planner. We hope it encourages you to treat yourself to something special in the months ahead.

— Terry Van Ingen Travel Manager