I Am My Own Best Friend

I am my own best friend, Hi:hello. How are you doing, fine and you? I care for you, I do too. Are we low, no. That we should care for us. Did (did) you (you) have (have) a (a) good (good) day (day)? Oh. self. Me:thee. Is something, bothering you? No:no. You seem, pale. Well, my heart is a little heavy, sometimes no one seems to eare. I do, me too, do you, shoo fly, don’t bother you. Also, don’t be blue. Shareware. Near:dear. One + one = one. Do you have a name, yours. Come here. I am. How dose. this.

Trouble:bubble. Maybe you could mention some things about me you like, of course. I’m glad, for example you are kind and considerate. I am honorbound and honorbright too aren’t I, you really are what about me, I don’t know where to start, try to start, you are warm and quick and savvy, it’s true isn’t it. go back to me. you are a giving caring person, the thing I’ve noticed is that I am appealing, you certainly are I am too. Mebe:yoube. Do you know what nonpareil means. I do. well vou are, a thousand times ves. Also, all wool and a yard high. Can I call you tops in my book, yes. I love the lagoon of your smile, thank you, come ona my house my-hi house. I will. Around and around we go. and where we stop we don’t know.

God you’re fun. I’m out of breath my angel. Could you cite some more things about me. I tell you I’m a little tired. Maybe just two, why don’t we turn in now. One, you have mettle now come on. another, no. Do mv-hi house again, could we break off now and resume in the morning. I had in mind only a half hour, I told you I’m dead on my feet. Well fine. I knew you’d understand. I do, never a cross word to be heard, that’s right there might have been one or two once but thev came to nothing, what ones did you mean. I can’t even remember, I didn’t think so, we were kidding around and you said go blow or something like that it doesn’t matter. I probably didn’t say it either, you did. possible because you may have said something in fun about button your lip. doubtful though, not necessarily, it’s certainly forgotten, done with. Vous:tu. Mine:thine.

I vaguely remember now we’d been joking about how you like to give as good as you get, have some of your own medicine you’d said I think, it was all so trivial, you’d probable put my nose very slightly out of joint for a minute or so, I remember you’d been drinking, which I rarely if ever do. oh I’ll see the rubber legs now and then but you always sleep it off. I recall sleeping poorly that particular night because you were upset about something and kept saying stuff this and stuff that over and over, funny but do you remember years ago getting your mouth thoroughlv washed out with soap, no picture of that, well it’s ancient history, now is now, let’s call it a day, let’s. Pod and pea. You and me. Two for tea.

You just jogged one crazy old memory and that was the time you took a peek at you-know-who while she was bathing, what, it was just a brief one and you didn’t see a thing what’s the time, now wait a minute I certainly never took any such peek, oh it lasted only a few seconds and the bathroom was steamed up anyway, the bathroom was not steamed up and I didn’t take any peek at you-know-who. I didn’t say you saw anything, I didn’t even try to see anything, come on now then why was your eye pressed against that little aperture where the key goes, I remember bending down to pick up my comb which had fallen out of my pocket near the door, you certainly took a long time locating one black comb on one white rug, I stood right up and went into my room, that’s right but as you came up there was a funny delay there as your eye riveted itself against the keyhole, I didn’t even know she was in there, how did you know the bathroom wasn’t steamed up. I didn’t say that, you were a little steamed up yourself as I remember, that’s monstrous, that’s not what you said then. I’m not going to take this.

Don’t get in a snit. You can really be horrid sometimes. You can take that back. Stuff this stuff that! It takes one to know one! Yaaggghh! Ne’er-do-well! You say! Stuck-up! If you see a snake in the grass, wear it! You! YOU! HYMPHS!

Mumble. Grumble. Waxing/waning. Psssssts. Hey. What? Listen. Listening. I’m sorry. Well. Me too, too. I got carried away, carried with you. I didn’t know what we were saying, everything was wide of the mark. Nothing was meant, no raps on the knuckles. Why do we do this to ourselves, beats me. You didn’t mean what you said about me peeking did you, of course not it didn’t even cross your mind, I was a little hurt, I didn’t mean to bruise you, I know you didn’t. Sadder:wiser. It’s been a long day. not long enough. Let’s, not, get. into, that, again. Lay me down to sleep, okay. You wash I may, I wish you might, have the wish, we wish tonight. Goodnight: goodnight. Sleep, well.