by Phoebe Adams

by Flora Rheta Schreiber. Regnery, $8.95, Sybil is the name concealing the identity of a young woman who, when well along in psychiatric treatment, abruptly revealed a second personality, then a third and a fourth, and ultimately a positive tribe. They were of various ages, voices, and temperaments. Two of them insisted they were boys. All of them had originated as defenses against Sybil’s mother, a woman who ranks high on any list of disastrous parents. The story of Sybil and company is interesting, as accounts of the rare problem of multiple personality invariably are. It is even, at times, comical. But the manner of the telling is annoying, because the information derived, presumably, from the psychiatrist’s records has been complicated with novelistic trimmings, and one is left very uncertain where fact ends and ornamental liberties begin.