Divinest Syzygy

The syzygies are the paired opposites , where the One is never separated from the Other , its antithesis. It is a field of personal experience which leads directly to. . . the attainment of the self. This realm cannot be captured by any formula, hut can only he hinted at to one who already knows.


by Lorita Whitehead
Scrofulous flouter of demarcations, insolent touter
of strange salvations, the Thing, half man, half woman,
half hoary god and bear, high on the bald hill sat
ululating at the moon. Then bored with twitching
one cheek, it rose and shook from its hairy tits
its boomerang (the people were resting, unsuspecting).
Snorting, She-He splayed ox-arms wide and flung
that silver clavicle down at the town:
It spun
over the first roofs, then arched with a crash
through a church window, slicing the heads and limbs
from sexless seraphim and showering glass
like grace on the bishop. As it zinged past
her door, Mrs. Andergrass, the actress,
felt a wind lift her hair; seizing the hand
of her startled lady friend, she ran for the square
where each long-flanneled father, pajamaed and hair-netted mother
danced and melted from their heat like butter
(no one would ever again know one from another).
Those who could still stand ran from the town,
shouting curses up at the moon-soaked hill:
“Call your mad stick home, call it home!
May it brak all your bones!” they groaned.
They watched; She caught it in His hand and smiled.