WARD JUST’S “Soldiers” (The Atlantic, October, November, 1970) was later published in book form as Military Men. He is now at work on a novel.

ELIZABETH DREW is The Atlantic’s Washington editor.

HARRY MCPHERSON, discussed on page 4, was counsel to President Johnson.

PABLO NERUDA, 1971 Nobel Prize winner for poetry, is Chile’s Ambassador to France. Translator ANDREW GLAZE is the author of a book of poems, Damned Ugly Children.

H. L. MOUNTZOURES is the author of a forthcoming novel, The Bridge.

JAMES ALAN MCPHERSON, also discussed on page 4, interviewed Ralph Ellison in the December, 1970, Atlantic.

CHARLES THOMAS SAMUELS’ books include Casebook on Film; he is at work on a new one called Encountering Directors.

TODD HUNT teaches journalism at Rutgers, and is author of a forthcoming book. Reviewing for the Mass Media.

DENIS JOHNSON, a 1971 graduate of the University of Iowa, is at work on a novel.

TU FU (713-770 A.D.) has been translated by Mark Perlberg, a Chicago poet, and Lee Feigon, a Chinese language scholar.

JAROLD RAMSEY teaches English at the University of Rochester.

JOSIAH BUNTING III, a U.S. Army officer who teaches English at West Point, is the author of a novel just published, The Lionheads.

DARRALL BERIRO is an American who traveled with her husband 10,000 miles across Russia and recently deep into the Amazonian jungle.

L. E. SISSMAN, DAVID DENBY, EDWARD WEEKS, and PHOEBE ADAMS appear regularly in these pages.