RICHARD T. STOUT covers politics for Newsweek.

HEDRICK SMITH is MOSCOW correspondent for the New York Times.

JAMES CONAWAY’S Report From Memphis appeared in the November, 1971, Atlantic.

DAVID S. BRODER, national correspondent for the Washington Post, is the author of a forthcoming book, The Party’s Over: The Failure of Politics in America, from which his article is adapted.

ANNE SEXTON is the author of Transformations and other books.

JOHN UPDIKE’S latest novel is Rabbit Redux.

LESLIE NORRIS’ poems and stories appear frequently in The Atlantic.

GERALD CLARKE is an associate editor of Time.

ROBERT CANTWELL teaches English at Kenyon College.

MILOVAN DJILAS and PHILIPP FEHL are discussed on page 4.

WILLIAM C. MARTIN teaches sociology at Rice University in Houston.

CALVIN TRILLIN’S most recent contribution was “Profiles in Courrèges” (November, 1971).

JAMES TATE is the author of a forthcoming book of poems, Absences.

NICANOR PARRA is Chilean. His poems are translated from Spanish by Miller Williams.

JOSEPH KRAFT is a nationally syndicated columnist.

DONALD JUNKINS teaches English at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

WILLIAM ZINSSER is editor of the Yale Alumni Magazine.

ANNE ANGUS is the author of The Computer People.

L.E. SISSMAN. DAVID DENBY. EDWARD WEEKS, PHOEBE ADAMS appear regularly in these pages.