ELIZABETH DREW, our Washington editor, was recently in Cyprus.

JAMES CONAWAY grew up in Memphis and is the author of a novel, The Big Easy.

PAUL THEROUX’S latest novel. Jungle Lovers, was published in the spring.

CHARLES REMBAR’s The End of Obscenity is a book about literary trials in which he represented the publishers before the Supreme Court.

JAMES DICKEY’S collection of essays. Sorties, will be published this month.

STEPHEN DIAMOND is the author of What the Trees Said.

ROBERT BAGG’s book of poetry is entitled Madonna of the Cello.

ANTONIA CHAYES, the mother of five children, teaches political science at Tufts University.

MARY GRAY HUGHES’ stories have appeared in several magazines.

NADINE GORDIMER’s latest collection of stories is Livingstone’s Companions.

ROSS TERRILL teaches government and East Asian studies at Harvard.

CALVIN TRILLIN’S “Nation of Shopkeepers” appeared in the January Atlantic.

GUNTHER STENT is professor of molecular biology at Berkeley.

PETER DAVISON is the author of three books of poetry.

MELVIN MADDOCKS is a critic for the Christian Science Monitor.

MARY A MANNES’ new book is an autobiography, Out of My Time.

FRANK KERMODE teaches English literature at London’s University College.

EDWARD WEEKS. PHOEBE ADAMS, DAVID DENBY, and L. E. SISSMAN appear regularly in our pages.