Scots, Wha Hae Frae Arthur Fled..

A leading Scottish archaeologist says that he has dug up proof that King Arthur was a Scot, and that the round table actually was situated north of the border.

The King sits at his Table Round
Drinking the blude-reid wine.
“Did e’er I tell you, Nobles deir,
The life-storie of mine?”
The knichts they a’ made doolfu’ mane
As 1ik as they wad cry.
Up and spak an eldern knicht
And answered, simply, “Ay.”
King Arthur breathed unco deep
And fixed them wi’ his ee,
And glow’red upon those hapless knichts:
“There was a bairn . . . ,” quoth he.
Twa hours hae passed. The bairn by then
Had reached the age of four.
“God save us a’,”Sir Gawain said,
“This King’s a crashing bore!”
And wi’ him agreed:
The Laird of Balbriggan,
Sir Launcelot MacGregor,
Sir Galahad MacAskill,
Sir Bors M’Nab,
Sir Percivale M’Murdo
Sir Geraint MacKenzie,
Sir Tristram MacTavish
Sir Ector MacWirter
Sir Villiers MacEachern
The Grand Macnish,
Old Uncle Drambuie, and a’.
For twa hours mail he dronéd on.
Said Galahad, “I fear
This is the worst that ever burst
Upon a bodie’s ear.”
“Enow’s enow!" cried Bedivere,
“ ‘Tis mair than flesh can take!”
He seized the brand Excalibur
And flung it in the Lake.
Although the sinking brand foretold
The end of Arthur’s rule,
No knicht considered Bedivere
A rash and bludie fool.
And none there were—though glorying
In guid King Arthur’s reign—
But hoped they ne’er wad see his like,
In some respects, again.
And that is why on that braw nicht
When a’ was done and said,
The King sits at the Table Round
Whence a’ but he had fled.
by Stuart Hemsley