The Eight Student Demands

From The Selected Letters of Anton Chekhov

. . . We have been having tremendous student riots. They began at Petrovski Academy, where the authorities banned the admission of young ladies into student quarters, suspecting these latter not only of prostitution but also of political activity. From the academy it spread to the university, where, surrounded by Hectors and Achilleses heavily armed and mounted, and equipped with lances, the students are making the following demands:

1. Complete autonomy of the universities.

2. Complete freedom of teaching.

3. Free access to the university without distinction of creed, nationality, sex, or social background.

4. Admission of Jews to the university without restriction and equal rights for them with the other students.

5. Freedom of assemblage and recognition of student associations.

6. Establishment of a university and student tribunal.

7. Abolition of the police function of the inspectors.

8. Lowering of fees for courses.

This I have copied from a manifesto, with some abridgments. I think most of the fuss had been kicked up by the bunch of [. . .] and the sex that craves admission to the university, although it is five times worse prepared than the male. The latter is miserably enough prepared as it is, and its university career is, with rare exceptions, inglorious.