Picturesque Itinerary of the Hudson River

Short Reviews:

by Jacques Milbert. Gregg, $90.00. Milbert was a French artist, engineer, and naturalist who prowled the Northeastern United States for seven years, collecting animals, birds, fish, insects, plants, and mineral specimens on behalf of his government, and sketching for His own pleasure. He sent home dogwood trees to improve the construction of carriages, and bison to be bred for farm work. He thought they could well replace oxen because he had tamed one. but he was a man who tamed everything, including a puma. In tine course he also wrote a book, and this text (translated by Constance D. Sherman) provides an extensive and charming record of American methods, manners, and environment around 1820. Milbert was no Mrs. Trollope, but. a good, adaptable traveler—inquisitive, sympathetic, observant, and knowledgeable. There was not a trace of condescension in his temperament, and he must have been one of the kindest men that ever lived; even the New England climate failed to enrage him. He was a sound, workmanlike sketcher, and the box of reproduced lithographs that accompanies the book is full of pleasures. Book ($20.00) and box ($75.00) may be purchased separately.