Notwithstanding, Nevertheless

Lady that I’ve taken to
(Why? — I can’t awaken to),
How you hold my fond attention
Circumvents my comprehension.
I might mention, what you give
Out is largely negative.
Yet, you start a tender current
I’d be missing if it weren’t.
I can only dimly guess
You’ve a something, nevertheless,
Yes, a downright nevertheless.
Lady, I’m as flatly baffled
As a whale upon a scaffold.
You are pitiably plain,
Your ensemble’s unattractive,
Your apology-for-brain
Is congenitally inactive;
Though you lack and though I miss
All the charms I’m most demanding,
Still you compensate with this:
You’ve a potent notwithstanding,
Yes, a yet and notwithstanding.
Hear a victim in distress,
Nevertheless and notwithstanding;
Heal a fever that’s expanding
Notwithstanding, nevertheless.