A Correction

On page 63 of the February ATLANTIC, Seattle architect Paul Thiry was identified as a member of a Washington, D. C., firm formed to net as a clearinghouse for various federal architectural projects. It was also stated that Mr, Thiry had been an active member of a group of consultants to the Architect of the Capitol since the oust front extension plan was inaugurated.Both of these statements were in error. Mr. Thiry is not a member of any architectural firm in Washington, D. C., and his retention as a consul taut to the Architect of the Capitol dates only from April, 1964, when the west front extension plan was under consideration. Mr, Thiry has rendered consulting services in this capacity only with respect to the west central portion of the Capitol, and has had no professional responsibilities in connection with any of the earlier construction mentioned in Hunter Lewis’ article.

The editors regret that such misstatements of fact were inadvertently printed, and are glad to set the record straight.