Easy in their ugly skins
Claudius and Gertrude were,
They liked as well as loving each other,
They were a humdrum pair.
Hamlet could dimly perceive
They were not entirely of his times,
Their witless freedom of the ages
Irked him sometimes.
He, a man of two times — his Yesterday,
His Today — could not stretch
To their timelessness,
He was too much on edge.
Banausic, he called them, banausic,
A villainous banausic couple;
He turned to blow on his love for his father
And found it rubble.
Mouthing at yesterday’s ghostly manifestation
A sentence or two from Wittenberg, likely at least
To put a ghost in its place,
He discovered no satisfaction
And no sense.
Sadly his heart heaved; where was there a shield for him
Against banausic couples in their ugly skin
Easy, easy. There was never any ease for him.