Notes on a Male Aedes Aegypti Whose Terminalium Failed to Rotate

Title of a Paper in Mosquito News

O muffle the drums and mute the lyre;
Sing a dirge-cum-epithalamium
For an Aedes mate who failed to rotate
His vital, though small, terminalium.
To us this rotation may seem a bit odd:
Though a simple mosquito positioning,
For you or for me it would take a degree
Of adjustment, and months of conditioning.
But enough of asides. The fact still remains
That mosquitoes as husbands aren’t ratable
If when put to the test they haven’t the zest
To show they are fully rotatable.
Are these, you may ask, indisputable facts
Observed by a trained entomologist?
Or has somebody picked a few obiter dicta
From a specialized Peeping-Tomologist?
I really don’t know, but I thought you should hear
The latest about terminalia.
And I hope you have got a soft little spot
In your heart for a notable failia.