I Admire Men, but Then Again..

Let’s have a word in praise of men.
They love their homes, from attic to den.
They buy new hammers, for ones they’ve lost,
(To mend some item you wish you’d tossed)
Then — eager to Catch That TV Inning —
They leave the work that they’re just beginning
Till maybe a week from Sunday, when
They find they’ve lost their hammers again.
Let’s have a word in praise of males,
Who Straighten Things when a budget fails.
They save five dollars on cheap storm doors
And spend two hundred on buckled floors;
Or — thinking they’re strong as Marcianos —
They frugally move their own pianos
And, when you remonstrate, cooly spurn ya
And spend a grand on a double hernia.
Let’s have a word (but not too loud)
On men in autos, of which they’re proud.
Their driving’s fine, but their ways are dark ways
Helling along over roads and parkways.
Heedless of cops and accident headlines,
They struggle to meet their dreamed-up deadlines,
And — missing the turns at intersections -
They’d rather be lost than ask directions.