National Book Awards

The judges for the 1964 National Book Awards are reading widely to find the books that they will choose in March as the most distinguished books by American authors published in the United States during 1963. Some of the books they find most outstanding are listed below:


At the End of the Open Road LOUIS SIMPSON Wesleyan Collected and New Poems: 1924-1963 MARK VAN DOREN Hill and Wang Moving Target W. S, MERW1N Atheneum Selected Poems JOHN CROWE RANSOM Knopf To Mix With Time MAY SWENSON Scribners Judges: Jean Garrigue, Anthony Hecht, John Hall Wheelock


The Centaur JOHN UPDIKE Knopf The Group MARY McCARTHY Harcourt, Brace and World. Idiots First BERNARD MALAMUD Farrar, Straus V THOMAS PYNCHON Lippincott The Will HARVEY SWADOS World Judges: John Cheever, Robie Macauley, Philip Rahv


Anti-Intellectualism in American Life RICHARD HOFSTADTER Knopf Apolinaire: Poet Among the Painters FRANCIS STEEGMULLER Farrar, Straus Beyond the Melting Pot NATHAN GLAZER and DANIEL P. MOYNIHAN M.I.T. Change, Hone and the Bomb DAVID E. L1LIENTHAL Princeton The Civil War SHELBY FOOTE Random The Fabulous Life of Diego Rivera BERTRAM D. WOLFE Stein and Day The Fire Next Time JAMES BALDWIN Dial The First New Nation SEYMOUR M. LIPSET Basic Books John Keats; The Making of a Poet A1LEEN WARD Viking John Keats WALTER JACKSON BATE Harvard The Last Horizon R. F. DASMANN Macmillan Man-Made America: Chaos or Control? CHRISTOPHER TUNNARD and BORIS PUSHKAREV Yale

The Quiet Crisis STUART UDALL Holt, Rinehart and Winston The South and the Southerner RALPH McGILL Atlantic Monthly Press Success Story: The Life and Times of S. S, McClure PEI ER LYONS Scribners Wasp Farm HOWARD ENSIGN EVANS Natural History PressDoubleday Judges: Arts and Letters—Charles Rolo, John K. Sherman, Wylie Svpher Science, Philosophy and Religion—Houston Peterson, Paul B. Sears, George Shuster History and Biography/—Benjamin DeMott, James Thomas Flexner, C. Vann Woodward

The National Book Awards are administered by the National Book Committee, a non-profit educational association. The awards consist of $1000 prizes donated by the American Book Publishers Council, the American Booksellers Association, and the Book Manufacturers Institute.

Watch for announcement of the winners—Tuesday, March 10