Archy Is Shocked Again

with apologies to mr. marquis

“ The mysterious allure of the female — at least the female cockroachcan be isolated in a test tube” — NEW YORK TIMES SERVICE

well boss
mehitabel the cat still hears
the pad of the rhythmical feet
but i guess the message
doesn t come through any more
as clear as she likes to hear it
how s tricks i asked
toujours gai archy toujours gai
but it could be a h dash double I
of a lot gaier she says
the old joints take me here and there
but the vital organs
o the vital organs exclamation point
archy i need help soon before i
take the last trip down the bay
and you can get it for me
you my literary cockroach
can get me some cheerio
to pull a lady through
then she tells me how they took
the female of my species
and distilled therefrom the very
essence of s dash e dash x
how they squashed these splendid
creatures and reduced their intimate
fundamentals to a chemical formula
and a nice price they ll get
for it too if i know the market
this is what she wants boss
and me to get it for her
me with the transmigrated
soul of a vers libre bard
me the confidant of egyptian pharaohs
me reduced to a common body snatcher
me a low down pulverizer
of my own kith and kin
for the sake of lechers
so i said nothing doing
and chased her out of there
but live and learn and read the papers boss
and know what is going on
in your own backyard
under the rough integuments
of my female counterparts
there beat hearts of gold
and a lot more besides
that even i didn t know about
it s what s inside that counts eh boss
i leave you now boss
for i think i saw something
hop in under the trash paper
over by the wastebasket
and if it s who i think it is
i won t be back until tuesday
or Wednesday