We Don't Mind

We are the miracles of modern science.
They are keeping us
alive. We don’t even seem to notice
how bored or old we get. And we don’t mind.
We have each other to remind
us how fast our faces are becoming lined.
We’re not too old to learn “The life of the body
is sacred.” And when we nod they
warn us not to let our thoughts turn bloody.
Our thoughts are pure. And we are above sin.
No decent man would do himself in.
A healthy mind is a healthy body’s twin.
One by one, they take away our chances
to die of the hearts and cancers.
And assure us, by and by, they’ll have the answers.
In spite of all they can do to keep us the same
some of us are growing lame.
We still have the spark of life. Who needs the flame?