The Editors Like

Ordeal by HungerBY GEORGE R. STEWART
A revised and enlarged edition of Mr. Stewart’s history of the Donner Party, the story as fascinating and terrifying as ever, like a legend from the beginning of time re-enacted only yesterday, HOUGHTON MIFFLIN, $6.00.
Let Us Note Praise Famous Men

All the pictures, only half of which appeared in the original and the powerful text of a piece of collaborative journalism that reaches far beyond normal journalistic limits, UOUOHTON MIFFUN, $6.50.

edition of Mr. Horgan’s enormous, beautifully written history of the Rio Grande, which ranges from the muts of prehistory to the arrival of airplanes. HOLT, RINEHART AND WINSTON, $9.00.
The remarkable autobiography of a remarkably versatile and independent author, who undertook to write it “as if I were both God and the Devil.” NEW DIRECTION, $4.75.
A Sketch of My lifeBY THOMAS MANN
Generally available after thirty years, Mann’s tightly comparcssed account of his intellectual development and methods of work is a marvel of lucidity and unpretentious brilliance. Translated by H. T. Lowe-Porter. KNOPF, 13.50.
Perilous BalanceBY W. B. C. WATKINS
Interlocking essays, original and imaginative, on Swift, Johnson, and Sterne, dimming how these unhappy men converted their private agonies into literature. WAAJUtR-DKRKRRY, J1.65.
Letters of Francis Parkman
some letters have been published Ix-fore, but most of this material, edited by Wilbur R. Jacobs, is new in Mr. Jacobs has undertaken to create a biography of Parkman through selections from his letters and papers, and succeeds very well. OKLAHOMA UNIVERSITY PRESS, $12.50.
My Father, Cenernt LeeBY ROBERT E. LEE, JR.

This new deition of the gereral’s letters and the recollections of hull by his son, a captain in the Confederate service, is applied with an introduction by Philip Van Horen Stern, who has also collected the illustrations and provided a brief chronology of Lee’s career, DOUBLEDAY $5.95.