Other Programs of Special Interest

In December

(Times indicated are Eastern Standard Time) “Born a Giant”

Drama of the turbulent early career of Andrew Jackson.

Friday, December 2 (9-10 PM)

“The Combat Deepens”

World War II: Germany invades Norway and the Low Countries; Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister. Sunday, December 4 (10:30-11 PM)

“The Red and the Black”

A srudy of the influence of communism on new countries of Africa.

Wednesday, December 7 (10-11 PM)

“The Working Mother”

The problems facing the job-holding woman with young children.

Thursday, December 8 (4-5 PM)

‘ ‘Featherbedding”

Study of a widespread industry practice. Friday, December 9 (10:30-11 PM)

“Yul Brynner’s Odyssey”

The representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees visits camps in Europe and the Middle East.

Saturday, December 10 (8:30-9:30 PM)


Defeat and rescue of the British forces; Churchill offers “blood, toil, tears, and sweat.”

Sunday, December 11 (10:30-11 PM)

“Survivors of the Ice Age”

A tribe of Laplanders drives reindeer herd 100 perilous miles to the coast. Tuesday, December 13 (7-7:30 PM)

“The Berliners: Life in a Gilded Cage.”

How 2,500,000 West Berliners live and view the future. On-the-scene report. Sunday, December 18 (6:30-7 PM)

“The French Agony”

The fall of France. Churchill orders the French fleet at Oran destroyed.

Sunday, December 18 (10:30-11 PM)

“The Last of the Arctic Nomads” Visit to a winter camp of Lapps, the Mongolese tribesmen who have roamed Scandinavia for 12,000 years.

Tuesday, December 20 (7-7:30 PM)

“Take One with You”

Britain girds for invasion; Churchill meets with FDR: the 50-destroyer deal and lend-lease.

Sunday, December 25 (10:30-11 PM)

“The Great Holiday Massacre” Graphic illustration and analysis of America’s highway safety problems. Thursday, December 29 (10-11 PM)

“Year-End Roundup”

An analysis of the important news events of I960.

Friday, December 30 (9-10 PM)


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