To Europe With Love






Say your good-byes. It’s all ashore that’s going ashore.

Suddenly your stateroom empties onto the deck and you’re waving from the rail at faces below. A tingling of anticipation touches you as the ship ups anchor, gracefully bows out to sea.

Good-bye land!

Soon the last shapes of earth stretch into penciled lines between sea and sky. Strange feeling.

Gingerly, at first, you try on your newhorizon-to-horizon world.

Its peace and quiet fit you well. Scattering the harried minutes of crowded days. Sweeping cares away with the freshness of the air around you.

You breathe deeply. For once. And then It happens.

The overpowering sense of space comes on you suddenly.

The bignessof thesea around you.

Thebignessofthej/?//>around you. I

Sun decks. Play decks. Lounges.

Dining rooms. Children s rooms.

Living room. 1 4§^Y’v/

What did the lady say: when does this place get to Europe?

This isn’t just going somewhere. This is being somewhere!

You dream ahead of the sights you’ll see when the ship gets in.

But right now your heart is here, as you play, laugh, dine, enjoy your way to Europe with people who were just nameless strangers a skyline ago. People you will remember warmly and forever for having shared your ship with you.

And though others will come af ter you, long after this crossing is merely another parting of the waters, your ship will always be yours, your ship will always be a part of going to Europe.

Remembered, with love