Books the Editors Like

The Letters and Journals of James Fenimore Cooper
Cooper’s private papers and ventures in journalism retain a great deal of vitality and interest, for he was a shrewd, peppery professional who took his work, and the position of authors in general, seriously. Edited by James Franklin Beard. HARVARD UNIVERSITY PRESS, two volumes, $20.00.
Mark Twain and Huck Finn
A survey of Twain’s ideas on practically everything, all leading up to the form they take in Huckleberry Finn. No book which quotes lavishly from Twain can fail to be entertaining, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS, $7.50.
Last Witness for Robert Louis Stevenson BY ELSIE NOBLE CALDWELL
The author was acquainted with the late Isabel Field, and this attractive book is largely based upon her direct memories of her stepfather’s later years in Samoa. UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA PRESS, $5.00.
Grant Moves South BY BULGE C VTTON
Admirable account of the seedy colonel who took command of the 21 Illinois Volunteers, developed this recalcitrant regiment into the formidable Army of the Tennessee and himself into the North’s most successful general, LITTLE, BROWN, $6.50.
St ring fellow of the Fourth
The fantastic story of a young man who, rejected as too delicate by the Confederate Army, ultimately became its wiliest and most indestructible spy. CROWN, $4.00.
A John Brown Reader
Assorted writing by and about the fierce abolitionist whose raid on Harper’s Ferry was one of the more spectacular preludes to the Civil War. Edited by Louis Ruchames. ABELARD-SCHUMAN, $7.50.
The Great Invasion BY JACOB HOKE
Hoke, an observant citizen of Pennsylvania, managed to get a good look at the proceeding of both armies before and at the battle of Gettysburg. Long out of print, his book well merits this new edition. THOMAS YOSELOFF, $8.50.
Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company BY ANDREW LYTLE
Reissue of a gingery, unreconstructedly partisan biography of the Confederacy’s great cavalry commander, still better reading than many works of more sober scholarship. MCDOWELL, OBOLENSKY, $5.95.