Books the Editors Like


Anne Brontë: Her Life and Work BY ADA HARRISON and DEREK STANFORD
The life of the youngest Brontë was short and outwardly quiet, but Miss Harrison, without indulging in any psychological fancies, makes it an interesting story. Mr. Stanford, discussing her work, is thorough and persuasively enthusiastic. JOHN DAY, $6.50.
The author of so many gloriously funny plays was himself a glum fellow, sorely tried by fate and matrimony. Mr. Lewis describes his troubles and his times with dash as well as scholarship. COWARD-MCCANN, $4.00.
100 Selected Poems BY e. e. cummings
A fine cross-section of the poetry of an author who can stroke a butterfly or drop the great pyramid on an enemy with equal skill and success, GROVE, $1.45.
Heart’s Needle BY W. D. SNODGRASS
In this distinguished young poet, common things and uncommon imagination combine to produce exceptional emotional and intellectual interest, KNOPF, $3.75.
Leaves of Grass BY WALT WHITMAN
Whitman was an incorrigible reviser, not always for the better, but his final versions have naturally remained standard. This book, with an introduction by Malcolm Cowley, follows the original text of Leaves of Grass, making it readily available for the first time in years. VIKING, $5.00.
Nematodes in My Garden of Verse
This funny, freakish little volume assembles, from old newspapers and attics, the works of North Carolina poets “whose fame, if any, often rests on matters other than their verse.” Selections by Richard Waiser. BLAIR, $3.50.


The Autobiography of Cecil B. De Mille
Humorously aware of the pitfalls of his trade, the master of flamboyant screen spectacle is as modest about his achievements as anyone reasonably could be. Edited by Donald Hayne. PRENTICE-HALL, $5.95.
A Life in the Theatre BY TYRONE GUTHRIE
Mr. Guthrie’s book is full of the great names and amusing gossip proper to theatrical memoirs, but not to the exclusion of solid discussion of what the stage is, has been, and should be. MCGRAW-HILL, $5.95.
Agee on Film BY JAMES AGEE
The companion volume to Agee’s book of film reviews and criticisms contains the scripts, or some of them, that he wrote when he actually became involved in the business, MCDOWELL, OBOLENSKY, $7.50.