Calendar of Important European Events for September

JUNE-NOV. 28 Gala one-hundredth season of Shakespeare plays at Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England

AUG. 9-SEPT. 9 Bavarian State Opera Festival, Munich, Germany

AUG. 15-SEPT. 9 International Lucerne Music Festival. Lucerne, Switzerland

AUG. 20-SEPT. 20 International Trade Fair, Izmir, Turkey

AUG. 23-SEPT. 12 Edinburgh International Festival of Music and Drama, Edinburgh, Scotland

AUG. 26-SEPT. 16 Art and Antique Dealers’ Fair, Delft, the Netherlands

SEPT. 1 Opening of Royal Danish theater, opera, and ballet season, Copenhagen, Denmark

SEPT 1-30 Scandinavian Design Cavalcade, Swedish Section, Stockholm, Sweden

SEPT 3-13 Watchmaking Exhibit and Music Festival. Besançon, France

SEPT, 4-OCT. 5 Scandinavian Design Cavalcade, Danish Section, Copenhagen, Denmark

SEPT. 6-13 International Autumn Trade Fair, Vienna, Austria

SEPT. 8-14 Great Annual Festival of Our Lady of Nazare, Nazare, Portugal

SEPT. 10 Royal Highland Gathering, Braemar, Scotland

SEPT. 12 International Grand Prix Auto Race, Monza. Italy

SEPT. 12-13 Track and field competitions, Finland versus England, Helsinki, Finland

SEPT. 13 Breughel Pageant. The painter’s most famous canvases will be brought to life in parade at Wingéne, Belgium

SEPT. 13 Giant Tyrolian Pageant at Innsbruck, Austria

SEPT. 19-OCT, 14 Umbrian Festival of Sacred Music, Perugia, Italy

SEPT. 18-20 Eighth International 1000-mile Rally Viking auto race. Starts at various points north of Arctic Circle, ends in Oslo, Norway

SEPT. 20-OCT. 6 Sixth International Festival of Music and Dance, Seville, Spain

SEPT. 24-OCT. 4 Autumn Trade Fair, Zurich, Switzerland

SEPT. 27 Annual Belgian Grape and Wine Festival, Hoeillart, Belgium