Calendar of Important European Music Festivals for 1959


MAY 7 —JUNE 30 Maggio Musicale, Florence, Italy

MAY 17-31 Royal Danish Ballet and Music Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

MAY 17 —JUNE 9 International May Festival, Wiesbaden, Germany

MAY 19 —JUNE 3 Tenth Festival ol Music. Bordeaux. France

MAY 26 —AUG. 16 Glyndebourne Festival. Glyndcbourne. Sussex, England

MAY 29 —JUNE 14 Bergen International Festival of Music, Drama, and Folklore, Bergen, Norway

MAY 30 —JUNE 21 Vienna Festival Weeks, Vienna, Austria

MAY 31 —JUNE 14 Seventh Stockholm Festival of Music, Ballet, and Drama. Stockholm, Sweden

JUNE (throughout month) Zurich June Festival, Zurich, Switzerland

JUNE 5-17 International Music Festival. Strasbourg, France

JUNE 6-17 Ninth Sibelius Festival. Helsinki. Finland

JUNE 15—JULY 15 Holland Festival of Music. Ballet, and Theater,

Amsterdam, The Hague, and Schcvcningen. The Netherlands

JUNE 19-28 Aldeburgh Festival of Music and the Arts. Aldeburgh. Suffolk. England

JUNE 20—JULY 4 Eighth International Music and Dance Festival. Granada. Spain

JULY 1 —AUG. 31 Tenth Festival of Music, Drama, and Folklore. Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia

JULY 4-20 Pablo Gasals Chamber Music Festival, Prades, France

JULY 10-31 Twelfth International Music Festival, Aix-cn-Provcnce, France

JULY 23 —AUG. 25 Richard Wagner Festival, Bayreuth, Germany

JULY 26 —AUG. 31 Salzburg Music Festival, Salzburg, Austria

JULY 28 —AUG. 31 Eighth International Festival, Santander, Spain

AUG. 1—SEPT. 10 (approx.) Athens Festival of Music, Drama, and Ballet. Athens-, Greece

AUG, 9—SEPT. 9 Strauss-Mozart Wagner Festival, Munich, German)

AUG. 1 5—SEPT. 9 International Festival of Music. Lucerne. Switzerland

AUG. 23—SEPT. 12 Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland

SEPT. 3-13 Twelfth International Music Festival. Besan^on, France

SEPT. 10-30 Twenty-second International Music festival ol Contemporary Music, \ enice, Italy

SEPT. 19 —OCT. 4 Nineteenth Umbrian Festival of Sacred Music, Perugia, Italy

SEPT. 20 —OCT. 6 Ninth International Festival erf Music, Ballet, Drama, and the Plastic Arts,

Berlin, Germany

OCT. 25—NOV. 1 Wexford International Festival of Music and the Arts, Wexford, Ireland