Biographical Notes on the Poets

VINCENZO CARDARELLL born in 1887, is an important critic and founder-editor of the review La Ronda. EUGENIO MONTALE, born in 1896, is a staff member of the newspaper Corriere della Sera, SALVATORE QUASIMODO, born in 1901, is renowned as a translator of Greek and Latin poetry and Shakespeare. UMBERTO SABA (18831957) was proprietor of an antiquarian bookshop in Trieste. LEONARDO SINISOALLI, born in 1908, is an engineer and mathematician, and edited the magazine La Civiltà delle Macchiue. GIUSEPPE UNGARETTI, born in 1888, has been Professor of Literature at the University of Rome. A selection of his poems in translation. Life of A Man, was recently published in the United States.