Short History of a Peace-Lover

Philip Melanchthon
Liked, as scribe,
Logic better than diatribe.
Ascetic, lean
As Apostle Paul,
He hated a scene,
Loathed a brawl,
And looked up staunch
But temperate terms
For Luther to launch
At the Diet of Worms.
Luther laughed at him quite a lot
For his monkish ways.
“By the Lieber Gott!
Go sin a little,”
He used to roar,
“Or what can the Lord forgive you for?”
But Philip, smiling,
Paying no heed,
Went on compiling
The Augsburg Creed.
While cronies battled,
Fierce and bloody,
Philip Melanchthon kept to his study,
Praising the cool
Retreat he sat in;
Taught his school,
Polished his Latin,
Nor wielded staves
Like his fellow Germans.
Then over their graves
He preached the sermons.