Regard the Roach


Regard the roach:
unchangeable and stout, he was the same
when dinosaurs went out as when they came:
he made no progress, but he played the game:
and now he is the undefeated master,
while man, who came up fast, goes down the faster.
No siege of Time can put the roach to wrack:
he travels onward on a single track:
nor fire nor Flit can turn him back,
nor evolution change his ways:
the species pass, the cockroach stays.


Hélas! Great Dinosaur is gone!
Farewell, old, shaggy Mastodon !
Good-by, Neanderthal! Pass on,
Grimaldi Man, and Cro-Magnon !
I shall be joining you anon;
and Roach, by some sine qua non,
inherits Earth, and all thereon.


When you and I, and each and all, are desiccated archives in a tar
pit, the lowly roach, who cannot fall, shall crawl beneath God’s carpet.