Notation in Haste

Miss Brown, before these walls unquote
A phrase of fate and crush us both,
Please take a note to Me Inside,
I am the man on a curtailed budget,
Entrepreneur for a plastic gadget
Made to suit either giant or midget.
Radio and television
Shepherd the crowd to the right decision
And hundreds of infidelity stations
Clutter my folds with public relations.
But what am I doing and where am I going
At a pace that is always frenetico,
Molto, molto frenetico
To a goal beyond my knowing?
Where is the image I lost while running?
Where is the way and the ten directions?
Where are the signs at the intersections?
Followed by creditors ever dunning,
I must get there, running, running
Faster, faster, ever faster,
Playing the game of follow-master
Straight to the edge of the next disaster.
Where should you file this? Come, Miss Brown,
Smell the smoke? There is time to burn,
So say the clocks around the town:
I am the Whom It May Concern.