THE Beast that is most fully dressed
Is the Lion in the yellow vest,
The velvet robes of royal red,
A crown of diamonds on his head.
His mane is combed, his paws are clean.
He looks most kingly and serene.
He rises from his royal throne
Beside his golden telephone,
And paces up and down the floor;
He groans, he growls, he starts to roar,
He roars again, he growls some more,
He tears apart his yellow vest,
He takes his robes, his diamond crown,
His telephone, and throws them down,
He kicks them all around the floor.
He gets in such a frightful rage
They have to lock him in a cage
Until he slowly quiets down
And they can give him back his crown,
His velvet robes, his yellow vest,
And he is once more fully dressed.