The Rock Pool

WHAT have you brought back from that clear and sea-rinsed day
Beside the unblurred vision to the far horizon;
A pelican’s catapult ripping the bright water-skin;
Arnold at Dover and every beach to say
Live true and deep, time shortens every summer?
Yet at a chance encounter why should I wonder at all,
Knowing your mind but little, your heart even less—
But there was a pool of coral and glistening pearl
Brimmed by the tide, asleep in timelessness,
And deep enough for a group of sirens singing
Their lost time back across that famous sea —
The pelican struck close by as the hot sun dried us,
Flat as the slap of an oar in the Odyssey.
What have you brought back from that clear and son-rinsed day?
For me the tide of memory flows so deep
Day cannot follow where blind fathoms drown
All but what brightens through remembering sleep.