The Arab World: A Culture in Transition

Like its predecessors, this supplement has been assembled, in co-operation with the Atlantic editorial staff, by Intercultural Publications Inc., a nonprofit corporation which, since 1952, has been assisted by The Lord Foundation in promoting the exchange of cultural materials among the nations of the modern world. This represents one aspect of the Foundation’s extensive international program which seeks, through support of a variety of projects, to increase mutual understanding among the free nations and thus to strengthen the bases of world peace.

To achieve these ends, Intercultural Publications has conducted a number of other projects, among them the publication of Perspectives USA, a quarterly magazine produced in four languages and distributed in over sixty countries. Perspectives USA has provided foreign readers with a continuing anthology of American arts and letters, and thus has served as a counterpart to the Atlantic supplements.

The editors of the Atlantic and the directors of Intercultural Publications hope that these exchanges will encourage the growth of the moral community which extends beyond the barriers of language and which must be the premise to a peaceful world.