Books: The Editors Like


THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW PATHby Honor Tracy. (Random House, $3.50.) A rich gaggle of loons romps through this comic satire on legal shenanigans in an Irish village where nothing is ever what it seems to the Sassenach eye. Meringue with arsenic.

MADAME SOLARIO. Anonymous. (Viking, $3.95.) In this subtle, inconclusive novel, various morbid relationships gradually reveal themselves behind the giggle and glitter of a fashionable Edwardian resort, building up to an exciting conclusion.

A DRAM OF POISONby Charlotte Armstrong. (Coward-McCann, $3.00.) From a slowish start, the author works up a fine froth of suspense; no great literary pretensions here, but entertainment deftly brought off.

Lives smd Memories

DEAD TOWNS AND LIVING MENby Sir Leonard Woolley. (Philosophical Library, $6.00.) Expanded memoirs by the excavator of Ur and Carchemish, concentrating on the men he worked with and the wild, funny, outrageous doings that were a matter of course in the Near East thirty years ago.

GIUSEPPE GARIBALDIby Denis Mack Smith (Knopf, $2.50.) This life of the Risorgimento general compresses his chief accomplishments and the essential political background into remarkably small compass without sacrificing all the romantic detail.

MANJIRO, THE MAN WHO DISCOVERED AMERICAby Hisakazu Kaneko. (Houghton Mifflin, $2.75.) Quietly told but fascinating story of a shipwrecked Japanese fisher boy who wound up in New Bedford and, on returning home, became a powerful pro-American influence in the opening of his country to the West.


PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG DOGby Dylan Thomas. (New Directions, 95ȼ.) Sharp or luxuriant, unique, brilliant, and wildly funny, Thomas’s prose is a continual delight in this group of autobiographical short stories.

THE BROOK KERITHby George Moore. (Macmillan, $3.95.) The official reason for this edition is the current interest in the Essene sect, which this novel concerns, but it is worth reading in any context.

OLD CALABRIAby Mormon Douglas. (Harcourt, Brace, $6.00.) One of the great travel books, a learned, enthusiastic, hardheaded, and elegantly written view of southern Italy from antiquity to the early 1900s. Excellent introduction by John Davenport.

ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF ENGLANDby G. M. Trevelyan. (Longmans, Green, $7.50.) Attractive edition of this readable, scholarly work, published in honor of the author’s eightieth birthday.

MOBY DICKby Herman Melville. Introduction by Clifton Fadiman, illustrations by Boardman Robinson. (Heritage-Dial, boxed, $6.50.) Melville’s masterpiece complete, in a manageable volume with good paper and fine large type. A handsome piece of bookmaking.