The Publisher and the Editor wish to thank all of those whose kind advice and assistance made possible the preparation of material for this collection, notably Leroy Benoit, William Berrien, Rosy Borba, Hayden Carruth, Edgard de Cavalheiro, Saldanha Coelho. Ralph Edward Dimmick, Rodrigo Melo Franco de Andrade, Maria de Freitas, Berent Friele, William J. Griffin, Rod Horton, Vera Pacheco Jordão, Anne Logan, Jose B. Machado, Benedicta Monsen, Richard M. Morse, Harriet de Onis, Elisabeth Sprague Smith, Dora Vasconcelos, Érico Veríssimo, Claude Vincent. Acknowledgment is made to the following publishers for reprint permissions: Crown Publishers for “The Funnyman Who Repented,” from A World of Great Stories, edited by Hiram Haydn and John Cournos (1947); Angel Flores for “Yemanjá,” from Fiesta in November, edited by Angel Flores and Dudley Poore (Houghton Mifflin Co., 1942); and New Directions for “The Cactus,” “Mozart in Heaven,” and “Childhood, from An Anthology of Contemporary LatinAmerican Poetry. Works not followed by the name of a translator have been written in English.