(For a Four-year-old Nephew)


accelerando, affettuoso

SWIM little king-fish Leap small salmon
Sally from the sea and Up the stream fling
Game as Isaac and gold as Mammon
Plunge April fishlet Sprintheart dash!
Drought’s the drowning though love is rash
And anglers bait to poach your dreaming
Cheat that larder beat that chowder Splash!
Gambol gamble Easter lambling
Adam as ram and mortal as mother
Baa your benison Ding your damning
Bruise and blessing bell your bleating
Carillon lambkin rousing routing no retreating
Hurtle into wolf and spring’s bell-wether
Spiel that glock and spell your flock and Ring!
Gallivant giddyap bantam Will-Joy
bold as a bugle and brave as bunting
Furl out, trumpet, bannering-boy
Gallop to the hilltop Strut your stride
Raising praising choosing losing never hid-
ing, heeled by the hope that hounds your hunting
Sound your horn astound your dawn and Ride!