In Memory of Dylan Thomas


And death shall have no dominion.

LET US go down to the shore and look for shells
That gather sea-news for the sad at heart,
For he was always faithful to his name
And would return to where all memories start.
And wait, above the gull cries and the bells,
From moony acres where his sail outroved
All fins and swimmers breaking the seven seas,
For tidings of the great voice lost and loved.
And let us walk there through the shining fields
He covered from his heart with such green praise,
And talk with voices in the sabbath streams
Thrice blessed by him for all our earthly days.
And marvel at his birthday in our time,
So rich in marrying blood, all beasts and birds.
All creatures of the earth and sky rejoice,
Rebaptized in the rivers of his words.
Let us go down to the shore and look for shells
And gather tidings from the Lazarus sea,
Where death shall have no dominion, but to love,
Death is a lonely and a far country.