Gateway to Japan

These supplements have been assembled, in coöperation with the Atlantic editorial staff, by Intercultural Publications Inc., a nonprofit corporation established by 1 he Ford Foundation in 1952. They represent one aspect of the Foundation’s extensive international program which seeks, through support of a variety of projects, to increase mutual understanding among the tree nations and thus to strengthen the bases of world peace.

In this effort Intercultural Publications Inc. concentrates on the exchange of ideas and of hterarv and artistic materials through publications. Its major vehicle is Perspectives USA, a quarterly magazine of work by American writers and artists which is produced in four languages and distributed in over sixty countries. Intercultural Publications has also prepared a series of anthologies in translation for distribution bv foreign publishers.

Perspective of India. Perspective of Holland and Belgium and the current Perspective of Japan reverse the flow of Perspectives USA. bringing a selection of foreign work to the attention of American readers. The editors of I he Atlantic and the directors of Intercultural Publications hope that these exchanges will encourage greater awareness and deeper understanding of the countries and cultures for which the contributors to our pages are such compelling spokesmen.