The Publisher wishes to thank the artists, private collectors, and museums who gave permission for their paintings to be reproduced in this supplement. The story, “A Day in the Life of Louise,”was first published in Les Temps Modernes of Paris. “The Cats’ is taken from a collection of short stories, Een Stordig Mens, published by De Bezige Bij, Amsterdam. “Madame Euphrasie ” is an extract from Des Mille Collines Aux Neuf Volcans published by the Librairie Stock, Paris. The editor owes a considerable debt to H. G. Smeding, Victor van Vriesland, and H. L. C. Jaffé in Amsterdam, and to Benoit Braun in Brussels, for their valuable advice and assistance. His mission was also facilitated by the kindness of Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Feron of Brussels and Mrs. van Heuchelom of Amsterdam.